1974 to 1999 25 Years- MetroBus to FirstBus

1974 to 1979-
The early MetroBus era

1 April 1974 On this date, West Yorkshire PTE was created by merging the municipal bus fleets of Bradford, Leeds City Transport, Huddersfield and Halifax and Calderdale Joint Ominibus Committee who earlier in the seventies swallowed up Todmorden Joint Omnibus Committee. The aquired companies were divided into four districts and a new livery of Cream & Verona Green replaced the former Bradford light blue & cream, Huddersfield red & cream, Leeds two-tone green and Halifax & Calderdale, orange, green & cream.
The fleetname "Metro" was applied across the fleet, but it was suffixed by the area of operation which was Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield or Calderdale.
All the former buses were renumbered into a common scheme, The Leyland PD3 and Daimler Fleetline, was present in all fleets, but also the AEC Regent was present in all fleets except Halifax, Leeds & Bradford also contributed Atlanteans, Daimler CVG6s, AEC Swifts, Leeds had Daimler SRG6s, Bradford provided some Leyland Panthers, whilst Halifax & Calderdale added Leyland PD2s to the new fleet. When it comes to single deckers, Halifax featured Leyland Leopards and Daimler Fleetlines, whereas its associated Calderdale fleet had Leopards, Royal Tigers, AEC Reliances & Seddon RUs. Huddersfield also added a pair of AEC Regent IIIs, a few Guy Arab Ivs, Daimler CVGs, Leyland Leopards, AEC Swifts and Reliances and some Seddon Rus. The Leeds Seacroft depot was closed shortly.

591 SUG591M shows a newly delivered vehicle in standard LCT livery

A former Leeds City Transport vehicle is shown here in Park Row with "Metro Leeds" fleetnames added to its LCT livery. Old fashioned rear platfomed buses were still common throughout the 70s.

Leeds 570 SUG570M shows the new Metrobus livery with a later style of fleetname

1 May 1974 West Yorkshire PTE, purchased the Huddersfield based coach business "Hansons Coach Services Limited"along with Plaxton & Duple bodied Fords and 2 Ford Transit minibuses, Although initially operated in Hansons Dark red livery, these buses were soon repainted into the PTEs standard coaching livery.

During 1974 The standard bus of the PTE started being purchased, they were Roe bodied Leyland Atlanteans, between now and 1981, 361 were purchased starting with 6001 (GUG533N) & finshing with 6361 (VWW361X)
The first Atlantean of 361 is seen here. 6001 was based in Leeds and is seen in the CBS.

Shortly After 1974 The old Leeds City Transport depot at Seacroft was closed

During 1975 Another standard type started to arrive in 1975, The Roe bodied Leyland Fleetline

7027 was one of the first Fleetlines which operated with Leeds before moving to Huddersfield

During 1976 Further expansion was gained when the operations & fleet of "Baddeley Brothers Ltd" of Holmfirth was purchased providing the PTE with additional coaching and Stage-carriage duties.

Late 1976 To make transfers easier between districts, it was decided to drop the district name, Buses now just carried "Metro" as shown on some of the photos above. New vehicles such as Fleetlines 7027-7041 were delivered with these fleetnames earlier in 1976

December 1976 The lining out on the front green band was thought too time consuming to apply, therefore Atlantean 501appeared without the lining out.

April 1977 The livery that was experimented with above was changed yet again and the stripe above the front window withdrawn. The standard livery as seen on some photos above and the "Metrobus" fleetname became standard from April 1977. The first buses to be repainted were Leeds 579, 546 & 183 and Calderdale 3292. Fleetnames did not arrive until the Autumn and therefore buses ran with none over the Summer, 579 is shown below

25 April 1977 In this month, the PTE aquired the old-established Kinsley based "United Services" from W.R & P Bingley. As well as providing the PTE with yet more coaching operations, this new acquisition also took it into an area of West Yorkshire where it had previously had no presence. United Services was maintained as a separate subsidiary and retained its distinctive blue livery whilst a new colour of red & ivory was adopted for the PTEs coaches which operated under the "Metrocoach" bannner, with brown added for "Metrocoach Executive". Later on the Bingley's depot as it was known, received some double deckers transferred from the PTEs Leeds District

A United Services vehicle 434 is shown above operating from Wakefield to Doncaster

The top photo shows a elderly Leyland Leopard whilst below, Leyland Tiger 1602 was purchased in the early 1980s and shows the "Metrocoach Executive" livery which was applied to its newer coaches

During 1977 The impressive Bradford Interchange was opened this year replacing the former coach station and bus stops. A railway station and bus depot for Metro Bradford was included in the building. 6 Platforms each containing 12 stops was included, In the early 90s, the far 3 platforms were taken out of use and the roadways used as a car park, by the late 90s, those platforms were demolished, The interchange concourse was also given a facelift during the late 90s.

5 October 1978 The last bus in Leeds City Transport livery, Atlantean 481 was repainted

During 1979 The PTE sold its Hansons operation

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